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    About us

    Curls control: The revolution in curl care and curl cutting according to the CC1 method - Since 2017

    In our multicultural society, curly hair has become indispensable. It is a beautiful expression of diversity and individuality. But we all know that curly hair also brings its own unique challenges when it comes to styling and care. Fortunately, there is an innovative solution that helps hairstylists cut and style curly hair in a way that creates air and volume without disconnection.

    Curls Control has developed the CC1 curl cutting techniques, a revolutionary approach to caring for curly hair. These techniques are not only effective, but also patented in both image and name.

    What makes the CC1 curl cutting techniques so special? It's all about creating the right sections and using the right cutting technique. As a result, curly hair is cut in a way that preserves and enhances the natural structure of the curls. The result is beautifully curly hair with air and volume, with no disconnect or unnatural look.

    At Curls Control, we believe curly hair should be a source of pride and beauty for everyone. With CC1 curl cutting techniques, we give hairstylists the tools and knowledge they need to care for curly hair in the best way possible. With the innovative, professional, CG proof curl care product called: Curls Control. We are proud to have been able to educate and support hairstylists in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium in both cutting, styling and care since 2017.

    If you are looking for the best way to care for and style curly hair, look no further than Curls Control and our patented CC1 curl cutting techniques. Together, we can celebrate the beauty of curly hair and make sure everyone feels confident and radiant with their beautiful curls.

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