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  • Explanation by a curly

    Explanation by a curly

    Hi, I'm Nancy. I have type curl 2C with a single 3A curl.

    On behalf of Curls Control, I get to take you on my journey to the perfect curl and I can tell you, how much I have grown in my knowledge. Of course with all the guidance of Curls Control! I am very happy to share my knowledge with you. In clear steps I explain to you my routine with different tips and facts. I received a lot of questions about how to achieve the best results with the products of Curls Control. I wrote down for you how I go about achieving this optimal result in a few steps!

    The first tip: try my routine... Obviously, the amounts of product you use are different for everyone. The amount varies by length, amount of hair and the texture of your curls.

    In the shower, I use the CG Clarifying Detox Shampoo first (once every 4-5 weeks), then the Cleanser and Moisturizer. When I'm done showering I use the Curl Crème followed by the Curl Definer. This is how I use it, mainly do how you like it yourself. You can if you use the Moisturizer as a leave-in, apply the Moisturizer outside the shower.

    Clean start
    It is important before you start using the superfine products of Curls Control to clean your curls properly. Even though you may be following the CG method, you can still create build-up. Wash your curls with the Clarifying (Detox) shampoo. Advice is to undertake this once every 4 to 5 weeks. Once your hair feels a little rough, it is clean and stripped of build-up. Always finish with our Cleanser to regain balance for both scalp and your hair.

    Do not end the wash with cold water, after all, the cuticles must remain open so that moisture, nourishment and care can still enter the hair.

    Step 1. The Cleanser
    I wash my hair 2x with the Cleanser. I use the Cleanser only on the scalp. I apply it to different areas by massaging my scalp well. While massaging, you stimulate the blood flow to your scalp and the oil molecules soak the dirt loose from your hair. Do this carefully. While rinsing, bring your head back and use lukewarm water to rinse the Cleanser out of your curls. Rinsing it out automatically cleanses the rest of your hair because the water with the Cleanser runs along the rest of your curls. Again, do not finish with cold water.

    Now comes a very important part.
    After you wash your curls bring moisture into your curls. Scrunch the moisture into your curls until you hear that sponge sound but you don't lose any more moisture. Everywhere you should hear that sponge sound. Now you have moisture balance, or moisture balance in your curls. If you don't do this and your curls are too wet they no longer absorb nutrition from the products. Just look at your bath mat, your products disappear there instead of into your curls. A waste of the product but also definitely for your curls, this way they will continue to frizz. Think of your curls as a sponge, once it's full it doesn't absorb anything.

    Step 2. The Moisturizer: one of the most important steps to control frizz.
    Always apply the Moisturizer to damp hair (see balance above).

    My curls reach up to my shoulder and I have quite a thick head of hair. So sometimes I divide my hair into two parts. I secure the top part with a clip on top of my head.
    When applying the Moisturizer, I work from the ends up to my scalp. I firmly knead (scrunch) the product into my hair. I gently comb/brush out my curls with the Sawabrush from the tips and then scrunch again. Scrunch the Moisturizer well into your curls. You will now feel your curls become saturated with the product. Don't feel this? Then apply another small amount of Moisturizer.

    The second part I treat the same. Take extra good care of the top layer and remember: where there is no product, frizz will quickly return! The top layer of your hair suffers much faster damage from exposure to sunlight, heat heating and loses moisture the fastest, causing frizz. Also pretty logical if you think about it that way right?

    I let all the curls dangle down and scrunch all the products well through my hair once again. Toss the curls to the right and left and scrunch sideways as well. Comb or brush through your curls with the Sawabrush or the handy Phuse curl comb. Some do it with their fingers only I find that you can't properly distribute the products then. Scrunch again.

    My hair is still a little damp and if it's good you lose almost no more moisture or product. Don't you hear the sponge sound anymore? Then your hair is too dry. I then add some extra moisture with the Diffuser.Then I feel around my curls to see if I can find somewhere that feels dry/rough. These are usually the curls on my neck. For this I take the Nebulizer with the self-made product or I dilute a very small amount of Moisturizer with water and treat that rough spot where there is no product yet. For making the self-made product for in the Nebulizer, I refer you to the tutorials on the website or social media channels.

    I don't rinse out the Moisturizer, I use it as a leave-in conditioner. My curls are rich with highlights. I know, it's not so good for my curls but it looks so cozy. Depending on your curls (how damaged/dry/frizzy they are) you can rinse out the Moisturizer completely, a little or not at all. The drier your hair is, the less you rinse out the Moisturizer. This is a matter of experimentation.

    Step 3. The Curl Crème: I apply this the same as the Moisturizer.
    Use half the product here of what you use of the Moisturizer. For myself, I use an amount of Curl Crème the size of a euro coin. For you maybe 50 cents or €2 works better, you have to try that out for yourself because this is different for everyone.

    Again, knead the Curl Crème heavily into your curls and carefully distribute it with the Sawabrush or with the Phuse curl comb and scrunch, scrunch and scrunch. Be sure to keep hearing that sponge sound for proper moisture balance.

    Time for styling:
    As for styling my curls, I am very simple. My curls I only scrunch, laying down a twirl does not work for my curls. I have curl type 2c and occasionally a 3C. You do have many other ways to style. It's up to you to figure out what you like to work with and especially how you like your curls best.

    • Rake & shake (shake your curls)
    • Make clumps with the Sawa Brush (thick curls)
    • Twirl (give a twist with your fingers)
    • You can find how to apply these techniques on Facebook or Instagram from @curlscontrol.official.

    Step 4. the Curl Definer, another HUGE product ♥
    Truly a topper for my curls! I really can't live without it anymore. It brings for my curls extra volume, hold, definition and that fine extra boost without weighing my curls down or making them greasy.

    Spread the Curl Definer over your hands and start applying at the roots of your hair. Try to avoid the scalp.
    Advice for short curlies +/- 1 euro | half long 1 1/2 euro | long 2 euro.

    You can also infuse the Curl Definer by applying it per pass or let your curls fall down and apply it all at once. Scrunch, scrunch and scrunch. Apply the product carefully. Want to create a beautiful cast? Then follow the step below. Don't want to create a cast? Then you can now let your curls dry or diffuse.

    Step 5: Create a hard cast.
    I like to have a good hold in my curls and a cast ensures that while drying, the moisture stays in my curls. Again, I let my hair dangle back down. Then I grab a hydrophilic towel (or an old cotton T-shirt) and dab/scrunch some of the moisture out of my hair with policy. I again spread about a euro of Curl Definer in my hands and knead it into my curls. Don't hear the sponge sound now? Good, then it's going according to plan. Don't be alarmed, your curls will feel hard but this cast scrunch you out later. Read on.

    Drying curls
    You can speed up your drying process with a blow dryer. Do this with a diffuser head and blow dryer on the lukewarm/cold setting. Slow drying is best for my curls. Don't want to blow dry? Then you can let it air dry.

    WHILE DRYING DON'T TOUCH YOUR CURLS!!! Why? During drying the products fix themselves in and around your curls, do you disturb this process? Then you throw off the fixation!

    Hard Cast:
    Now that your curls are 100% dry you are going to scrunch out the cast. Do this by gently squeezing and not rubbing, make sure your curl stays in the bundle.

    Voila, Bouncy, soft curls, bouncy, no frizz, full of volume and me all happy again.

    Tip #1:
    When I see during drying that a strand of hair is getting a bit frizzy, I take the sprayer and spray it on my curl. Smells so wonderful too!

    TIP 2:
    Want volume? Then stick your hands in your hair up to your scalp (avoid the top side) and shake your curls loose, you can also use a Phuse volume comb. If you have a thick 3 type curl, gently loosen your bundles from your scalp. You will create natural volume this way. You can also gently pull your bundles apart. Do this by turning your curl against the curl direction and separate the curl from your scalp.

    Tip 3:
    At night, I sleep with a "pineapple" on my head or a low bun on my neck. Sometimes also with a silk sleep cap. I honestly have to say that I can't get used to such a sleepcap that much. Do I experience some fluff in the morning? Then I grab the nebulizer, with the self-made product and treat the tufts that are frizzy. I spray the tuft, make sure product is everywhere and scrunch or twist the tuft.

    No more touching! Dry it with the diffuser or by air, and done!

    Tip 4:
    Does your hair feel greasy or limp? Then you probably used too much product yet haven't quite gotten the right balance for your curls. It could also be that it's time for a final wash. I do this with the Clarifying detox shampoo. Is your hair still frizzy? Then you may not have used enough Moisturizer after all. The longer you use the products, the healthier your hair becomes and the less you need the products.

    It seems like a whole story but I wanted to explain it clearly to you. It very quickly becomes a standard routine and with 10 minutes you can have your curls taken care of. Drying is and remains a patient job.On Facebook, Instagram or the website you can find several tutorials with explanations.

    Remember: LESS IS MORE!!! Experiment what works for you.

    Have you been treating your hair a lot with heat styling products like straighteners? If so, realize that your hair may be very damaged. Pull on a rubber band 30 times and it will break, this also applies to your hair. Straightening it will damage it and break it. It is important that you start or continue to care for your hair properly. Long-term use of Curls Control products will help repair and properly care for your damaged hair. And don't keep straightening in between lol because then the repair process starts all over again.

    In addition, I go to a CC1 certified curly hairdresser, these hairdressers really understand curls! Not every hairdresser is a trained curly hairdresser and understands curls. Cutting curls is and remains a profession.

    Have fun controlling your curls ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘.

    Kind regards,
    Nancy @curlscontrolofficial.nancy