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  • CC1 Level III

    CC1 Level III

    CC1 Level III is the final step for every CC1 curl cutting specialist who really wants to optimally serve every curl customer. We teach you to look at curls even better and to trust your knowledge and skills in the curl cutting profession.

    Every CC1 specialist will recognize this: sometimes a customer sits in your chair and you think: "I actually can't cut this hair with any technique". The reason for this varies - sometimes it concerns a huge head of afro hair, sometimes it concerns a customer with very thin and fine hair. You also want to achieve the best possible result with these customers, and that is not always possible by following a fixed step-by-step plan or routing.

    That is why we are introducing CC1 Level III - a dry cutting technique where you learn to look at curls even better, determine where you want each curl and then cut them where they should go.

    This technique is completely different from Level I and Level II, which are both techniques with a clear routing. At Level III you have to let go of 'rules' and your sense of control somewhat. With this technique you have to rely on your knowledge and skills in cutting curls.

    You have already followed and completed CC1 Level I and CC1 Level II before you can participate in CC1 Level III.