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  • CC1 Level II

    CC1 Level II

    Launched last year and an absolute success so far!

    After months of training, testing, adjusting, fine-tuning and lots of practice, the CC1 level II technique is a reality.

    Why a new technique?
    There are more and more curlers with mixed curls, i.e. a mix of different types of curls. With these stronger curls, from type 3a onwards, we discovered that it is very nice to cut the hair dry. And here was the starting point for our new technique, which is thus applied to dry hair.

    What is so special about the CC1 level 2 dry cutting technique?
    Again, we created a technical technique. So we don't just do things by feel, but really cut the desired style with a routing. Step by step, the hair is cut - by means of a certain section - perfectly dry. No accumulation of bundles and a beautiful volume that every curvier dreams of. Level II can be cut to any length. The hair cannot always be blow-dried out after applying the CC1 Level II technique.

    Do you have this kind of curly hair in your chair regularly? And would you like to serve them even better? Then sign up for one of our CC1 level II training days.

    What is the theory part of the CC1 level 2 training day focused on?
    The theoretical part of this day is different from the CC1 level I training. We move with all the developments in the world of curling, and the CG method is of course widely known and indispensable in this.

    Many clients follow this method and know in detail what is and is not good for their curls. And there are also many clients who want more information about this method.

    Things that are covered during this day include

    • Porosity
    • Knowledge of ingredients
    • Elasticity
    • How to make clumps?
    • What are fairy knots and praying hands?

    Grab your chance and be one of the first hairstylists in the Netherlands with both CC1 level I and level II in your pocket!

    Do you also want to be able to answer all questions about the CG method? Know and understand the basics of this method? And would you also like to learn the fantastic new CC1 level II dry-cutting technique, which allows you to perfectly style from real corkscrew curls to frizzy hair? Then enrol now!

    Not done CC1 level 1 training yet?
    That doesn't matter. In 2022, both training days have been adapted so that CC1 Level I and Level II can be taken separately. Do you still want to take Level I first? Or perhaps register for both courses? Then register for the CC1 Level I training here.

    To book a CC1 course, you need to be registered with us first. After registration, we will check your account to make sure you are not a consumer. This will be done within two working days. After registration, you can gather more information, view the prices for professionals and book a course.