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    At location

    We come to your salon with our widely acclaimed CC1 curl cutting training. Our trainers will travel to you (up to a travel distance from Velp to you of one hour) and teach you the tricks of the CC1 curl cutting trade. This saves you getting up early and extra travel time, and the models do not have to be taken along in tow. These on-site courses are in great demand, so book a date for you and your team soon.

    An inspiring and instructive day with your colleagues

    Choose one of the courses for professional hairstylists and schedule a salon training at your location. CC1 training can be scheduled on a number of available Mondays or on another day by mutual agreement.

    Our trainers are internally trained at Curls&More and are true subject matter experts in the CC1 curl cutting technique. CC1 Level I concerns a technique in which volume is created on wet hair by means of certain sections and vertical cutting. This technique is best suited for curl bars 2a to 3a. CC1 Level II is a dry cutting technique, ideally suited for the stronger 'mixed curls', from type 3a to 4c, which prevents an accumulation of curls and also creates beautiful volume. Soon, CC1 Level III will be launched - Curl by Curl Cutting for really strong curls but also for curlers with very fine hair.

    On-site training is not only innovative and very instructive, but also very good for team spirit. You learn the CC1 technique with your whole team at the same time. After the training, you can plan joint practice moments and motivate, support and advise each other. Together, we will take your salon to the next level with the CC1 certification patented in both name and image.

    Planning & material

    A CC1 training course lasts a full day, from +/- 9:30 am to around 5 pm. During part of the morning, we provide a theoretical part where you will learn more about the theory behind curly hair and the well-known Curly Girl (CG) method, among other things. Before the lunch break, we hold an intake interview with the models, analyse the hair and take preliminary photos. After lunch, the CC1 technique is explained and executed step by step. This involves using the professional line for curly hair, called Curls Control.
    After the training, you will receive valuable information from us by e-mail, including a summary of the theory, a type of curl chart and a treatment plan.


    An on-site CC1 training course can be booked from 4 to a maximum of 10 people. For available dates and prices, send an email to [email protected]

    Experienced trainers

    All our trainers have years of experience in cutting both CC1 Level I and CC1 Level II. They rotate at national and international fairs and stand in front of an enthusiastic group of hairstylists every week to share their knowledge and skills.


    Upon completion of the CC1 on-site training, each participant practices the CC1 technique on at least two models. Before- and after photos of the front, back and sides are taken. You send these photos together with an explanation (a treatment plan in brief) to us by e-mail. One of the trainers will contact you for feedback. If you have fully mastered the technique, you will receive your certificate. Occasionally, the trainers will ask you to practise on 1 extra model, based on their feedback.

    Each certificate is in the participant's name in combination with the salon. It remains the property of the salon and cannot be taken along if a participant goes to work elsewhere.
    Only after receiving the certificate can you establish yourself as a CC1 specialist and prepare for that huge boost your salon will get. We will also highlight you on our channels and add you to our store locator.

    Curls Control products

    During the CC1 on-site training, we will be working with Curls Control's CG-proof products. A full line specially developed for curls. This line stands for simplicity with a base of just four products. The high-quality ingredients are carefully selected and the products are coordinated in terms of their effect.
    Of course, you are not obliged to use Curls Control, but we do recommend it. To achieve as stunning results as we show on our website and socials, the Curls Control products and the CC1 technique are the perfect combo you want.


    Has your interest been piqued? Then send an e-mail to [email protected] and register on this website. We will then contact you with no obligation to provide you with more information about the options and, if you are interested, we will plan a date together. We look forward to sharing our passion and knowledge in your salon soon.

    The general terms and conditions apply to all our courses and training.