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  • Curls Control product training forselling points

    Curls Control product training forselling points

    Are you one of our Curls Control selling points and/or CC1 certified specialists? Then please read on!

    During each CC1 training day, we discuss the theory of curls and working according to CG method in detail. But once back home, in your salon, it might not always be that easy. Maybe you still do not have enough control over the products, you do not create the perfect balance or you still experience frizz with your clients? So irritating...

    If you are only a Curls Control retailer it might be even more difficult, because you have not (yet) followed a CC1 training and have not learned to work with Curls Control under the guidance of our trainers. Therefore, enroll in a CC1 curl cutting training.

    How do you know what your curls need?

    • Intake/analysis with your client
    • How much product do I use of each
    • The differences in curl types/structures and the care
    • Protein or not
    • Styling: rake & shake, twisting, twirling etc.
    • Diffusing and fine tuning

    This is exactly what we would like to help you with and therefore we have organized a Curls Control product training which you as a retailer can participate in completely FREE of charge.

    You bring your own model, watch with colleagues or bring a practice head. Advice is to bring your model so you can analyze well and we can assist you.

    There will be no cutting this day, just styling. There is no break in between and you bring your own working materials. Clamps, robe, hair dryer and diffuser.

    When. : 
    Where: Velp, in our CC1 training center on the Markweg 13e, Velp (near Arhem)

    2 periods of 6 to 8 participants each
    9:00 to +/- 12:30
    13:00 to +/-16:30

    We also offer the possibility to take the starter package again with the extra 50% discount. Please indicate this in advance so that payment can be made.

    Yes I would like to attend this free training. 
    Full = really full

    Book a spot here or send an email to [email protected] 

    Love, team Curls & More