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    Curls Control CC1 Level III curl cutting course

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    Third and final step within the CC1 curl cutting courses to optimize your knowledge and skills when it comes to curl cutting. Learn the CC1 Level III technique - Curl by Curl free hand cutting.

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    Product description

    CC1 Level III has been developed as the final step within the CC1 courses. You can follow this course once you have already completed Level I and II.
    Why this technique? Sometimes a customer takes a seat in your chair and you think, how can I incorporate a (CC1 Level I or Level II) technique into this? The customer has very thin hair, for example, or a huge head of black hair. We are convinced that you cannot and do not always have to cut a technique.

    During the CC1 Level III training we teach you to look at curls, look carefully at what you see and what these curls need. Whether this is black hair, mixed curls or European hair, we want you to be able to look at the hair and then decide what suits those particular curls best.
    And that sometimes means that it is best to cut curl by curl and free hand - Curl by Curl cutting. You start building in the hair, you look where the curl should go and cut it so that it ends up in that place. How the haircut is done is determined by the knowledge and experience of the hairstylist. For this reason, the necessary experience is required to participate. So you are in possession of the Level I and II certificate.

    Are you ready for this final step within your CC1 curl cutting skills? Then we look forward to seeing you again in our training center.

    How is the training day structured?*

    Start: walk-in 9:15 - start 9:30 a.m.


    • We discuss the technique. Why is free hand Curl by Curl cutting sometimes the best choice?
    • How do you determine this?
    • When do you choose the Level III technique?
    • Importance of product use

    Start practice:

    • Taking 'Before' photos.
    • What are the wishes of your model
    • What products does she use now and how
    • Based on the type of curly hair you determine what type of curl the client has
    • Discussion beforehand how to treat the curls at home. This is best done in advance because then you can best assess the "state" of the curls.

    Lunch: +/- 12 hours. A delicious luxury high tea is provided by a local entrepreneur. Fresh sandwiches, macarons, delicious fresh homemade cakes, fresh juices etc.

    Main focus | the CC1 Level III Technique

    • Step by step we will take you through the technique of CC1 Level III curl cutting training.
    • You can take notes on a note sheet that we will provide for you.
    • There is 1 trainer per 2 to 3 students. Maximum occupancy is 6 students. Therefore, there is ample opportunity to ask questions and ask for help.

    Use of products:

    Of course you are familiar with this by now, but care with Curls Control is always an essential part of a CC1 treatment. Product use is therefore also discussed during the Level III training.


    Together we look at your model's hair. What do the curls do, where do they naturally want to fall, and where should the curl ultimately end up? Step by step we will build in the hair and cut free hand curl by curl.


    End photo

    End time: +/- 16:00 hours

    • It is expected that each hairdresser takes care of his own model. The model may NOT be working as a hairdresser or student hairdresser. We will refuse the model. Models will connect at 10:00 am. There is a cozy waiting area where models can take a seat if desired in terms of distance to ride together. We can provide a lunch for your model extra, this can be ordered in the ordering process and can also be booked separately afterwards. If you do not book a lunch for your model, she needs to bring her own food.
    • Of course you bring your own equipment. No special scissors are needed, clips, comb, hairdressing robe, hair dryer with diffuser head (preferably with cold shot) and whatever else you think you need.
    • Prior to this training we will ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement. This is to keep you and us from passing on this technique without participating in the training. You cannot learn the technique without this training. You and we pay for this technique and we do not want a proliferation and certainly not a hairstylist teaching herself a CC1 technique and bringing shame to our name.
    • The participant will receive a certificate in her name and in the name of the salon she works for after submitting photos of one model for approval by email. The certificate will also remain in the salon's name at all times and may not be taken away. We review these photos and determine if the CC1 technique is sufficiently mastered.
    • Should you be confident enough about the technique and have practiced enough in practice, we would like to hear from you. We place the name of your salon on our website as CC1 technical curl specialist. In combination with our products you have a top formula in your hands.
    • Do you have the certificate in your pocket and sell the Curls Control products in your salon, then you have a total concept in your hands. You may then profile yourself as CC1 curl cutting specialist on your website and social media channels. We will also mention this on our website and social media channels.

    Please read this again:

    • In case of illness/personal circumstances a booked training can be rescheduled to another date. You need to communicate this with us at least 48 hours before the start of the training day. Restitution is not possible.
    • No model is not a valid reason to cancel the training.
    • The training can only take place if there is a minimum occupancy of 4 persons. We reserve the right to move the training in consultation without entitlement to refund.
    • Description of the training day is an indication. We reserve the right to change the content of the training for the best result.
    • Our General Terms and Conditions apply to our trainings.

    There is a large market for us in the field of curls. Specializing is the key word!

    We are incredibly excited to teach you this technique.

    See you soon,